Internet problem newpc

Nov 6, 2018
I just got a new PC yesterday on the 5th of November I brought it home and booted it up, works fine. My issue is that I have incredibly inconsistent internet. Not sure if it's a speed inconsistency or something else could be a hardware issue or a windows 10 issue I can't update the drivers because half the time the websites I visit don't respond and half the time its incredibly fast (this is about 5 percent of the time). I haven't been able to start doing anything yet because of this network issue please help.
if you got the computer from "v" computers it wont work well unless you speak and spell well. :lol:
if your using just the ms browser it can be having issue with some web pages. try downloading crome or the newest firefox see if the issue still there. from another pc download the updated drivers to a usb stick. on the pc that having issues run speed test and network diag see if your losing packets. make sure on your new pc your using newer 5e/6 cat cables and new router. if your router/modem is a few years old make sure the firmware up to date. if the modem is newish try using googles open dsn see if it your isp.