Internet related lag


Oct 5, 2012

I'm having an odd problem my PC hangs playing online games. Its happening when i get connection timed out in cmd i was pinging google. If I'm on skype it will stop for a few seconds and it comes right back same for the game when this happens i can move my mouse even alt+tab if i want to and i can hear the background music (league of legends).


CPU : I5 2500k SandyBridge

MOBO:Z68 Extreme3 Gen3

RAM:Corsair 8 gig DDR3 , 1600 , 9-9-9-24

Video Card:ATI Radeon 4650

HDD:WD 320 gig sata 2 (In HDtune i get UltraDMA CRC error 200/200)

PSU:Corsair GS 600

OS: Win 7 64bits
Have you tried to connect your PC at friends house to see if the issue persists? If it persists the issue is something on your PC causing the lag. But most likely it is your Internet connection that has a problem, and you will need to contact your ISP help desk.