Question Internet Selectively Disconnecting and acting weird


Dec 8, 2016
So just for some extra background info I have a
i7 6700k, GTX 1070, Spectrum internet with 220~ down, 10-11mbs upload (tested on my phone and computer it seems accurate). I am wired with a brand new ethernet cable that came with the installation of my internet about 2-3 weeks ago. I have 3 people living in my house with most of the time there always atleast 2 people at home (lets say each person has a phone and either a laptop or console connected to the internet with them at a time)

My issue: When I am the only person awake and on the internet, my discords sound lags as in if I connect to a channel or leave or use push to talk I don't hear the sounds go off even though the action has already taken place. So lets say I join discord and I can hear/ can talk I won't hear the sound until later, this didn't happen before I moved. Before I moved i had two people always on the internet, but was wireless so I feel like this is backwards

But that is not the main issue, the main unbearable issue I have is I'll be playing a game, more specifically WoW classic with two game clients open and either a youtube music playlist or a twitch stream open and all of a sudden my latency will shoot to 700 on both clients, and eventually disconnect. Obviously something is too much for this, it's not always the 3 things combined that cause this issue it can be sometimes I have one client, one browser tab open and I'll less often get this issue. But what I don't understand is when I am disconnecting, why is the twitch stream or music video freezing the clients crash but my discord is still working perfectly fine? People hear me like I haven't missed a beat. I'm confused if this is a bandwidth issue a driver issue or what. In the previous paragraph when I mentioned I was on Wifi I would be able to do all these things at once with no issue whatsoever. Why is this new? I thought wired would help with this.

Thank you in advance