Question Internet should be full bars but this computer is missing 1 bar

Sep 24, 2020
For a reason I do not know, My computer is missing one bar of internet when all the other devices in my house has full bars of internet, I do not know what has gone wrong but can someone please help me about this problem?

I've done speed tests on this and it's always boosting up to 10 but then lowering down to 1.
My most recent speed test had this:

1.1 Mbps download
0.02 Mbps upload
The bars represent signal levels but actually do not have much real meaning. You want to look at the DB levels in the status. Apple got caught because they represented the same DB signal as more bars than other equipment just so they could try to claim they had better reception.

Check for any loose cables or antenna. You want to avoid anything between the antenna and the router. Try to face the antenna toward the router. Putting a wifi card in the back of desktop and then putting the machine under a desk against a wall tends to block a lot of the signal.

If it is a USB device try using a USB extension cable to move the wifi unit away from the machine.

The wifi card may have also failed but this is very rare so I would not replace it until you have tried everything else. You want to move the machine closer to the router just to test if it is the room the machine is in and not the machine.

There is very little you can change set with wifi. Try to connect to the 2.4g or 5g bands and see if either works better. You can also try to change the wifi channel on your router. Maybe a neighbor is interfering more than in the past. It tends to be impossible to find radio bandwidth that is not being used, especially since many modern routers attempt to use all the radio channels.