Question Internet slower than usual

Aug 25, 2019
Hi guys, so yesterday my internet was ok, i did a speed test and i had over 600mbps, so no problem here. The next day my internet is very slow, did a speed test and can't get over 1mbps (its around 0.40 - 0.90)
I think the problem it's coming from my PC because i tried a speed test on my phone, no problems (60+mbps), tried on a laptop and still no problem (60mbps+).

To mention : after trying a lot of things from other threads i reinstalled my windows because i thought i got a virus somehow plus i wanted to reinstall it from over a week now so why not, but with all the system clear and nothing to affect the internet the speed is still >1mbps

Another mention : I use Ethernet so i was thinking that could be the problem, switched the cable and same thing, then switched to wirless connection and still the same result ( >1mbps)

Does anybody have any ideea what happend? Or what can i do to solve it?
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