Question Internet speed/Connectivity issue on MacBook Pro

Mar 27, 2020
I am using BSNL India Broadband with 10MBPS capability.

I have multiple devices like OnePlus 6 , Iphone11, Windows PC , I am experiencing good speed on all the devices , can be able to achieve 10MBPS on all these mentioned devices over WiFi.

Windows PC which is directly connected using Ethernet cable also getting good speed/bandwidth.

But in my Macbook Pro i am not getting the desired speed, Getting maximum 1 MB , most of the times speed just stay behind 1 MBPS itself. Tried connecting my Mac using both Wifi as well as ethernet cable . (Macbook connected to ethernet port in Modem using Apple USB ethernet adapater.) None of method helping me to achieve good speed.

Modem which am using DLINK DSL-2730U.

Let me know if there is any changes need to be done in Modem or MacBook to achieve speed like other device.

PS: Speed check done using