Question Internet Speed Question

Apr 2, 2021

I just upgraded my Xfinity plan from 250mbps to 1200mbps.
My router supports up to 10gbps
my nic is set to 1000/1000 (highest it goes)

Now, when I had the 250mbps and I would run a speed test I would get every bit of the 250mbps for the most part.
Now that I upgraded I am getting about 930-950 mbps
Also getting about 23up out of 35up

Do these numbers sound correct?
Do I need to upgrade my equipment somewhere?

Appreciate the help!
The reason you see that number is because there is overhead that is not counted. There are 18bytes of data in every ethernet packet that has stuff like the mac addresses. Since the packet size varies it is not a exact percentage. You generally see between 5 and 10% less than the maximum rates.

This is also why some download sites don't match speedtesting sites. Speedtesting sites measure the whole packet....excluding the 18bytes which is never sent. There is another form of overhead inside the packet that has the IP addresses and the TCP headers. I think this is 40 bytes. Things like speedtest count these header where data downloads only care about how much actual data they get and do not count the overhead in the packets.