Question Internet spiking/lagging/disconnecting - please help -

Aug 10, 2020

Recently for a few weeks now I've been experiencing problems.
I mainly started noticing it on my PC upstairs, especially when gaming or being on discord as ping is very obvious in it's spikes and fluctuations going from my usual stable low ping to 200 or even sometimes 1000.

All of a sudden the ping would get worse each day, especially later into the day, the wi-fi adapter connection would keep disconnecting and I'd have to re-connect every 5-10 mins overall everything slowly has become more and more unstable.

Now this doesn't seem to be a constant thing all through the day, certain times it seems worse and when it is noticable it will continue to get worse or stay bad for hours and hours. Only today in the midday/early afternoon have I noticed the connection is more 'normal' in terms of what I'd usually expect until it went bad again. Meaning the internet is practically unusable for any good period of time or for anything more than basic browsing without the internet dropping out or slowing down.

I don't believe this is only limited to my pc as I've been on my phone wi-fi closer to the router when the internet wouldn't load and downstairs when I experienced slow internet a quick speed test showed a macbook in the same room as the router to be on very high ping.

I've run tests with the new and old router, whilst the SKY site says the speed could be better with this router apparently...? overall it doesn't say there is a line fault or any local issues however I'm not sure how accurate this info would be and calling the ISP in current times is a challenge as wait times are long.

Any help is appreciated thanks. :)

To try and fix this I have:

-Replaced the SKY router/modem hub with a third party hub that seems to be better but the problem persists
-Only used my wifi adapter connecting to the router downstairs
-Used an extender between my pc and the router to help
-Used a powerline adapter with an ethernet in the router to adapter and from my pc to the adapter and also via wifi

While these methods help the underlying issues don't go away.

PC Specs:
OS: Windows 10
MOBO: Gigabyte Z270X-Gaming 7
PSU: (not confirmed yet)

Internet info:
ISP: Sky Broadband [UK]
Package: Sky Fibre Max
Connection: FTTC/Copper wire to premises (split phone/internet ports on master socket)
Old modem/router: SKY Q Hub
(this was the one that came with the package)
New modem/router: TP-Link Archer VR2800
(recent replacement to try and fix this issue)
Devices connected: (Not sure) 8+?

Ethernet and Network Adapters:
Intel Ethernet I219-V Port
Killer E2500 Gigabit Ethernet Controller Port
USB WIFI Adapter: TP-Link TL-WN822N 300Mbs v3.0 (1027.4.630.2015 driver)
Powerline Adapter (cat8 cable): TP-Link TL-PA8033PKIT AV1300 v3.0

(Attached is an image of a cmd window ping test from my upstairs pc over wifi when the internet is bad)

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Aug 10, 2020
Try checking what you get here
I connected to the Georgia server... but I am from the UK so not sure how effective this would be as an average speed test locally puts my ping as low.

My stats were:

Average Latency: 112.44ms
Average Jitter: 3.21ms
Packet Loss 0

(From upstairs PC via wi-fi adapter to router/modem) I can connect to the router via ethernet too
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Aug 10, 2020
my internet/wifi in the taskbar also now occasionally says 'no internet secured' showing the meridian symbol except it's still connected to the internet as web pages load. internet is still far worse than usual.
The killer ethernet can cause problems when using their drivers versus the generic intel ones. Also, see if turning off ipv6 helps.

Next step will be to boot a linux live cd and test your ping there. If you still have issues we need to continue digging.