Internet stops working when 2 ethernet connections are plugged into modem/router.

Nov 9, 2018
I just bought a new modem/router and powerline adapter kit. The modem/router is a Netgear (C6250-100NAS) and the powerline kit is a TP-Link (TL-PA7020v2). The problem I am facing is that everything (both wifi and wired connections) works perfectly until I plug in a second ethernet cable from the powerline adapter into the modem/router then the internet completely stops working and I get pulsing 2.4ghz and 5ghz lights while the LAN light flickers constantly. As soon as I unplug any one of the two ethernets connected, the internet seems to comes back to life almost instantly. It doesn't matter which cable I am using or port I am plugging into, so long as I have 2 in the router from the powerline the internet stops after a couple of seconds. Also I have made sure the powerline adapter does work in my house because I can connect my Xbox One with one of the connections upstairs. If someone could possibly help with this situation that would be greatly appreciated, I bought the powerline adapter specifically to be able use both ports for a gaming console and computer. Thanks!


I believe there should be only one network cable connecting the router to the power line adapter.

Not sure if two devices (XBox and PC) can be plugged in to the receiver or if you need to use a switch.
You have done the worst possible thing you can do to a network. You have made a loop. It can take the largest and most powerful network down.

Even consumer equipment lately has implemented to standard solution for this called spanning tree that will block all but 1 link between devices so there is no loop. It appears none of your equipment supports this.

You should be able to plug just 1 cable from the router to the powerline units. The remote powerline unit you can plug in multiple device if you want.