Question Internet stops working when I try to share it via hotspot

Sep 7, 2021
I am connected to hotel interenet via Ethernet cable and the internet works just fine until I turn on the hotspot. After turning the hotspot on internet on PC stops working and the hotspot isn't working also. If I try to load some page in google when the hotspot is on I get ERR_CONNECTION_RESET, if its loading and I stop the hotspot I get ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED, if I refresh the site when the hotspot is off it loads fine. Why is this happening? What can i do?


By "hotspot" do you mean like a share from your mobile phone, or ICS on a PC/laptop?

edit- my apologies, I read that wrong and realized you mean you are attempting to share from the connected PC.

With that said, almost every hotel or rental type enviro I have been connected to their internet was via a token or a host page that had to remain up. It would be a likely guess that the admin of their network has this option disabled as a possibility. I would say ask at the desk about it, but they likely have no clue as an outside vendor was probably brought in for configuration.