Internet suddenly INSANELY slow


Oct 10, 2014
Hello everyone,

I am new here but am having a major problem with my internet.

All of a sudden, while i was on youtube, my internet suddenly skyrocketed to 5000 ping. I thought it was just a random spike and so i stopped using the internet for the day. When i went back on today the same problem, the internet DOES load however it is INSANELY slow. It takes about 10-12 seconds to load google let alone other sites. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

My router/modem is an Actiontec V1000 from Telus
My computer is on a WIRED connection
All computers in the house, both wired and wireless, are affected
I have restarted the modem multiple times
I run Windows 7
I have a DSL connection from Telus (Canada)

Again, im new here so i am not sure if i missed anything but thank you for your time!

A proper "reboot" would be powering down all devices that connect to the router, power down the router, then power down the modem for 30 seconds.

Start the modem first, wait for it to be fully online, then turn on the router - waiting for it to be online. Next power up one computer and test the connection.

If you are still slow, I would suggest trying to connect directly to the modem (power down PC, switch ethernet cable from the router to the modem) and retest.

If you are still slow, I would contact your ISP.


The ISP's too often say all is fine. Connect the computer directly to the modem, with the router out of the network. Run and see of the slow speeds persist, and call the ISP back if they do.

The other component that may have gone bad here is the modem. Some ISP's let you exchange them for no charge, but others not so much.

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