Question Internet terribly slow and high ping in Games


Mar 12, 2019
For 2 weeks now my internet has been abysmally slow, like 3mbit/s down and 0.9mbit/s up.

Ookla Speedtest shows a ping of 21ms, but whenever I play games even on servers near me my Ping shoots up to constantly. Asked my provider about it (Telekom) and they say they dont see anything wrong with my line. Anybody know what the cause could be here?
If you overload the connection the ping will increase. With it running slower than it should you can more easily overload it.
What speed do you pay for. How does the ISP explain that you are not getting the speed you pay for.

In really depends on what type of connection you have how you trouble shoot it. The ISP should do the work. Depending on if you have a modem or router/modem combined you might try to plug directly into the modem to prove to the ISP that it is not the router.

Note since you posted this under wireless if you are running on wifi try a ethernet cable to see if it is the wifi causing it.