Question Internet went down, when it’s back up speeds are extremely slow!

Apr 21, 2019
So the internet was down for some of the day, when it went back up I checked the speeds and the download is <1mbps and upload is a lot less. The ping was >300ms so something happened. Our provider is bridgemaxx (only provider in our area) and we pay for 8mbps. I have a direct connection to the router and the average ping before this was 70ms-80ms, the download was 11mbps-12mbps and upload 3mbps-4mbps. During both speed tests I had nothing open that uses internet and no one else was using it to, so it’s accurate. It’s been happening for a while now, our provider is rated 1.5 stars, but it’s the only thing we got and I need to get this back to where it was. We have a Cisco Linksys E3000 router.