Question ion I literally cannot get rid of realtek(R) audio. Help please

Apr 19, 2021
I try uninstalling it from device manager Realtek, uninstall and tick delete software. From control panel, tried deleting the files from C. I just want the builtin audio driver cause realtek is causing issues with my mic. The realtek option doesnt show in control panel either. I install the hd audio builtin driver from device manager and it doesnt install instead it reinstalls the realtek. i remove everything and restart it reinstalls. I changed device installation settings to No but it still keeps coming back. I tried everything i could find on youtube or google but nothing works. I am really frustrated cause of this. Please help.


I have no details about your system to say where to find it. Usually aren't too many places to look in the BIOS. You'll see a list of devices like SATA controllers, ethernet controllers, etc. All the built in devices on the motherboard.

HD Audio Device is not necessarily your sound card. Sometimes refers to the audio output found in the HDMI and Display Ports for integrated graphics (if applicable)

Nvidia cards will have an audio device driver as well.

If you still want sound through the motherboard's audio jack, then you must have the realtek chip on and the driver installed. If you are having trouble with that particular driver, go directly to Realtek for the latest one from them.

Onboard audio is just sometimes noisy if not isolated. Why some motherboards offer premium audio solutions.

Last ditch is to disable the realtek, and buy a sound card. (Again if we are talking desktop here)
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