Question ip address

Sep 6, 2020
why my laptop always connect from a different country while im not even using a vpn or something that could change my ip address?
i use wifi to get my laptop a conection and it shows that my ip address is from another country while my phones have the same ip address from where i live


You might want to see if changing your browser changes the IP address shown on whatever it is you're using to identify your IP address. Speaking of which how are you identifying your IP address? What browsers are you using as well? Might want to see/doublecheck if you had a VPN installed prior by another user or if there's a plugin in your browser that might've been enabled.
You can use whatsmy ip to see if they are using different ip.

I would wipe all the saved information in the browser cache. You could try a different browser to see if it does the same thing.

Now some phones etc are actually letting the browser see the cell tower location information or they scan for other wifi in the area and use that rather than just the IP to get your location. This is actually very scary since they can almost get your home address.