Question iPad 2 Problem

Sep 29, 2021
So I updated my very old iPad 2. Now it won't start up properly. It says that my iPad cannot be activated and that I have to connect it to itunes. I don't have itunes on my Monterey mac os imac, so I switched over to windows bootcamp (windows 10) and i downloaded itunes. I followed many many instructions on how to reset this ipad problem but no avail. Please someone help me with the most simple set of instructions and please make them clear.
Here are some links I used:

Also, I just cannot do anything because I cannot enter recovery mode. I have tried every method: holding the home and power button at the same time, doing that until I see the itunes logo (Which I haven't seen on the ipad screen yet), holding the home and power button until I see the apple logo, holding the home and power button but letting go of the power button when seeing the apple logo, but holding down the home button, holding down the home and power buttons for 10 seconds and then holding only the home button for 15 seconds, and a lot of other things. I am seriously fed up and would very much appreciate even a tiny bit of help. I do not know anything about iPads and this very very old iPad is just something I want to really fix.
Please help me


Jan 15, 2018
Yes, everything I have seen says is it HAS to be plugged into iTunes. Seems odd to me. However, one person said they let their battery deplete and they were able to get in. I don't understand that one either since I have not seen a depleted battery as a resolution.

I even spoke with a lady that had a newer disabled iPhone and doesn't use a computer.

Grace and peace.