Iphone 4 8gb how to make it 16gb upgrade



i want to upgrade my iphone4 8gb to 16 without selling or buying any other iphone


Jul 5, 2011
The best thing about apple is their wide array of ports on their products, i love how they always seem to integrate hdmi/usb/sd card slots. Man they are such a great company, i'll be in san fran tomorrow waiting FEVERISHLY for my new IPAD 3, man o' man i can't wait till i get that, it's worth waiting in the cold! Man apple is so cool.

TLDR: apple sucks, never buy apple, under any circumstance, unless you like being bent over..which is alright sometimes i suppose..


Apr 23, 2009
i want to upgrade my iphone4 8gb to 16 without selling or buying any other iphone

As you can see from the other replies, it is a no go. There is no amount of reasonable anything that you can do to upgrade your current device. Unless you go out and buy a used $1000 smt desoldering and soldering machine, and then learn how to do smt soldering, and then are able to buy new chips, and then try to figure out how to load the new chips with software as they are completely blank.

So, go buy a new iphone. Better yet, buy something from a company that actually lets you upgrade with a microsd card slot. Like anything other than Apple.


May 12, 2015
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