Question iPhone 8 Battery


Nov 19, 2017
A few months ago on Christmas, I got a new IPhone 8. I am a fanatic and psycho about the charging so I make sure I use the apple charger that it comes with, and I have been keeping up with the charging. I let the battery go to about 30%, maybe a bit under, and in the morning I charge it to about 85%, sometimes 90%. I do this because I have heard it is good for the battery, but I do not know if this is what I should be doing for its battery health. Also, I have heard this thing where if you let the battery drop to 0 percent, it completely ruins it and the battery is shot. I have heard that it is good to let the battery run down to 0 percent and charge it back up to 100%, so it can recalibrate or do something with the battery. I have heard that is good for the battery like once a month. However, I am scared to let it drop to 0 %, and I was wondering that if what I am doing with my charging cycle right now is okay for the battery.
You're overthinking that stuff... use your phone as you like, charge it when needed, and don't listen to BS. It won't explode if you leave it on the charger for a week, and it won't be dead if you leave it in a drawer for a week. There are much more important things in the life to worry about.
Feb 26, 2020
Advancements in battery technology have removed the “cyclic memory” effect, which means you don't have to wait till your battery goes down to 0% to charge. Lithium-based batteries have made this effect obsolete. With Lithium batteries, it is best to charge them regularly. Hope that helps!