Question iPhone Picture Format Unsupported

Sep 25, 2023
Laptop running Windows 10, version 21H2, build 19044.3324.
iPhone 14+, iOS 17.0, United States. Connecting phone to PC with USB-A to Lightning cable.

This problem began three weeks ago. Cannot open pictures from Files Explorer. Microsoft Photos returns the message "Sorry, Photos can't open this file because the format is currently unsupported, or the file is corrupted." Then Microsoft Photos displays a large window with an expanded thumbnail of a different picture in that folder. Copying the file to the Desktop only copies the picture's correct thumbnail. BONUS: This phone's pictures are correctly displayed on a desktop Windows PC that has the same OS version and build, both current on updates from the same corporate system. Neither PC has iTunes installed.

I have tried reinstalling the iPhone driver in Device Manager, with and without a restart following the driver uninstall. I want to find the fix, not install a workaround. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


@hotaru.hino , reading the notes on that free ext indicates that it does not work unless you purchase the HEVC add on as well. I know that of the techs here that work with Apple products, we had to go and ask them to change the format they took the pictures in to jpeg due to constant issues with this plug in acting like it wasn't installed, wanting to charge the .99 again and so on.

There are free online converters that can be used, but so far everything I have found is a bit cumbersome and clunky.
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