Question iPhone will connect to WiFi extender but not to the router itself ?

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Jun 14, 2022
The title explains the problem, iPhone 11, internet on it was working fine, then suddenly, when I go to settings to see whats happening, the actual router has the loading icon next to it.

However, I can connect to the extender of the router on my phone, I've troubleshooted to the max I believe, I've reset my network settings, restart device, installed ios update etc etc

After iOS update, still didn't connect to router but still connected to the extender. All other devices can still connect to the router itself.

Is it possible that my iphone has been blacklisted from the internet by the owner or ISP themselves?

I will try connect to another home wifi and see if my routeris truly the problem, for now I'd appreciate tips on how to fix this. Thanks.


Helping to connect to other peoples' networks, wifi or otherwise, without the network owners' permission to do so is a violation of Forum rules.

There is no way on this end to know the full circumstances and truth of the matter.

You will need to work directly with the network owners to be granted network access.

Closing thread accordingly.
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