Question IPISB-CH compatability with newer graphics card


Jul 16, 2016
Hello fellow forumers,
I am here with a tough question.
So i basically got my hands on an older pc running the notorious IPISB-CH motherboard.
It has the (still) amazing i7 2600 and thats why i am keen on using it.
The problem is that i got a gtx 1060 6gb before i read about the bios support of the IPISB-CH.
So, it seems like there are no updates on the bios from 2011, which makes my computer freeze every time i start it up with the 1060 6gb (i have a OEM PSU, however, it has the needed 6 pin connector and about 460w with 80+ efficiency, which i think is more than enough).
From what i have read, this i due to a bios issue.
I am currently running the gtx 650ti without a problem, but it is definutely lacking power for my needs..
Is there a way to run the 1060 6gb at all, perhaps by flashing a custom written bios or something or it would be easier to either upgrade the mobo or the pc as a whole.
Thanks in advance,
Motherboard has a Legacy BIOS and cannot be updated to a UEFI BIOS.

This means you can only install graphics cards that will run on a Legacy BIOS. At this time the 1060 will not initialize as it requires a UEFI BIOS motherboard.

Nvidia 600 type graphics cards will work.

Sapphire brand video cards used to come with switchable (Legacy or UEFI) BIOS several years ago. It seems they have currently phased that out completely in favor of the newer UEFI Type BIOS.
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