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Question IPS panel with minimal glow/backlight bleed to replace LG 27GL83A-B?

Dec 27, 2019
So as a bit of background, I have an issue with the LG GL83A and its backlight/ips glow issue prevalent in the bottom and top left areas of the screen. Here's a picture for reference:

View: https://i.imgur.com/WiOZy4o.jpg

This monitor is otherwise great for me in all other aspects, size (27"), refresh (144hz)/speed, even the contrast isn't as terrible as reviews have made it seem. My issue is that in any scenes relatively darker that the image is somewhat washed out and that the bottom left is basically a dead zone of visibility.

Is there a decent 27" 144Hz IPS display within the same relative price range ($500 CAD, roughly $360 USD) that does not exhibit these issues? Should I look into a TN or VA if I'm having this much trouble? I'm lost as to what to do, if I should return or ask for a replacement but it appears others have this issue as well so not sure, but I don't want to be without a monitor for long.


Dec 4, 2019
Yeah, that’s really some heavy glow you have.

That’s unfortunate and sad they sell a product that is like that.

I don’t have a good answer for you as I picked up an IPS last year. There have been some new IPS panels released in the last few months in the $300-$500 range but reviews aren’t easy to find.

There are some knowledge people on this forum and hopefully can help you out.