IPS QHD or TN 4k


This is 100% down to personal preference and screen size.

Some users can not stand IPS glow(can kill dark image viewing), others can not stand TN viewing angles(this is much worse on larger screens).

I highly recommend checking out screens in the stop to at least get an idea what YOU want.

In a dark game one can get lost pretty good with too much glow.
These are VA(that was over 5 years older than the IPS) vs IPS. VA is pretty slow(TN is still the fastest) so for games you have yet another thing to consider

And it IS visible in normal lighting too.

This is NOT to say ALL ips are this bad and older ones had a layer on the screen to nearly remove this.


Opinions will vary. In general most prefer IPS screens over TN for gaming. Myself, I don't like 4k for gaming as much as I thought I would. So I game at 2560x1600 and use the 4k for Word and photo editing.