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IPv4 and IPv6 Lease expiration causing disconnect


Jul 20, 2015
My Wireless adapter (a usb plug in) and my LAN disconnect from time to time and have to be reset using the troubleshooter. I have tried absolutely everything that I have found on the internet to try and fix the problem to include update/rollback/disable/unintall/reinstall drivers. I have deleted bonjour as that was a suspected culprit. I even put the IP Gateway in manually. As well as others that I can't even remember since I tried them so long ago. None of these seemed to help. I had no idea what was wrong but today and somewhat yesterday I noticed that in the "Network Connection Details" it said that the IPv4 and the IPv6 had a "Lease" date and an "Expiration" date. It just so happenes that the expiration date is the exact hour, minute, and second that the connection disconnects. It has taken me a year to find this and now I'm here to see if anyone has a solution for this ongoing problem.


I had an issue similar to this at work. They would become flaky around lease expiration.

We had some machines hard coded with the ip address information; ip, subnet and gateway.

We also had them with a reserved address on dhcp.

Make sure that if you have the computer as a reserved address on your router that machines are set to automatically pull settings.

Also make sure your router has the most up to date firmware and that the router is transmitting at a decent, read max, power setting.

Furthermore make sure your wireless is password protected and is using the wpa2 protocol for encryption.

Edit: Lease expiration is nothing to worry about. It is supposed to happen and silently get renewed.
whats the make and model of the router and wireless adapter?

it's one of them causing the issue. if you are using dhcp, the dhcp server should be issuing a new lease before the other expires.

i would see if there is a firmware update available for the router.
You should be able to change the lease time in your router. There are reasons to have it short but in most home installs it would not hurt to set the lease time to 6months or a year.

There is likely a firewall rule or something else blocking the pc ability to send dhcp information after the OS is active. At 1/2 the lease time the PC will ask the router/dhcpserver if the ip is still valid. If it is then it resets the time. If it gets no response then it will try a number of times more before the lease expires. The exact timing varies by OS.

Generally the difference between the dhcp that is done one start up and these renew messages is that the original ones are broadcast and the others are direct messages send. A firewall may allow one type but not the other.