Ipv6 no internet acces


Dec 26, 2009
hi i have three PCs 2 vista 1 windows 7. the vista machines both have ipv6 local, the windows 7 machine says no internet access or no network access. does anyone know how to fix? the internet gets as sloww as dial up and then i reset the cable modem which fixes it. then it happens again. i suspect theres either a problem with my network adapter on the w7 machine or it isnt ipv6 ready. its a broadcom from dell if that helps.
Try out http://ipv6.google.com from one of your vista machines. If you get something, then you have IPv6 from your ISP and something is wrong with Win7. If you get a DNS error, then your don't have IPv6 and don't worry about win7 as it *should* support IPv6 even better than vista.


Most ISPs will let you trade in your cable modem for a newer model *if* you're renting from them.

An old cable modem would about guarantee no IPv6, but in general, most ISPs still have to add support.

If your ISP has DOCSIS3.0, then you probably have IPv6 but you modem still needs to support it.