Question IPv6 no internet access when connected to wired access point

Jul 10, 2020
So I have setup a wired access point by connecting Ethernet cable from my router to the access point. When my laptop is connected through access point (through wifi), I get slow speeds i.e., 50% reduction in speed. When I check the network status, I see that IPv4 shows as 'Internet access' and IPv6 as 'no internet access'. However when the laptop is connected to the ISP router directly (laptop is placed near the router) IPv6 shows internet access and I get full speed.
What is the problem here?


Wireless is inherently slower than wired. That is part of the problem.

Wired connections can be problematic but wireless is even much more so.

Your wireless environment may have other networks or forms of interference that further slow wireless network performance.

On your laptop, ensure that IPv6 is enabled via the wireless network adapter.

Also ensure that only the wireless network adapter is enabled and that the wired network is disabled. Only one network adapter, wired or wireless, should be enabled.
If the device you are calling a access point really is just a access point then it has no concept of any form of IP addresses. It uses strictly mac addresses and will not impact if IPv6 is available or not.

Something is very strange.

I would try to disable the IPv6 in the nic settings and see if there is any difference based on where you connected. You should not need IPv6 and many times IPv6 is slower than IPv4.

The only way for the "AP" to cause this is if the device is actually running as a router.