Review iQunix ZX75 Mechanical Keyboard Review: Back to the Future


Nov 23, 2008
Seems idiotic to release a product without software to configure the keys. There are programs out there that will remap the keys within windows, but that's not the keyboard. That works, mostly... as some brands include software for RGB control, but not key-mapping.

Still would have been better to use that LED spot for a DELETE key. Then the other four along the side could have been HOME, END, PGUp and PGDown. Who really uses the INSert key? I know how it works, its far more PITA than useful... and easy enough to make it a SHIFT-DEL if someone really wants that.

A problem with most Keyboard companies is the software. Pay 1-2 guys to make the software solid and powerful can go a long way to making a product great or garbage. Worse, when some companies include viruses in their software.

For Keyboard reviews, you need to have a standard SPEC stat which would help keyboard readers to see what the product offers.
RGB: North or South.

That alone can make or lose a sale.
SOUTH = Most choice of keycaps, best options and best looks. But in dark or low-light environments, it makes the legends harder to read when there is light around the key. Of course, without lighting, they look great.
NORTH = If you want your legends to light up.

Also, the difference between a black and white backplate is noticeable. WHITE = more reflective light around the keycaps. I prefer back, as it makes they glow of the legends stick out more... making the keys look more like they are floating with an LED inside.