Question Irregular and inconsistent wireless network card performance ?


May 4, 2014
Hi everyone, I’ve recently been having issues with my AX200 PCIe wireless network card. It’s showing some very irregular behaviour. When it works it works perfectly fine and as expected. I can rule out that it is not my network since all other devices work fine. There will be spans of hours or even days where I can stay connected without a hitch just as long as I don’t restart my PC. However, the problem seems to arise sometimes on startup where there will be a brief few seconds where it is perfectly fine, followed by moments where I lose connection. There was also one time where I encountered this and it fixed itself after about an hour after being booted up. I have tried:
  • reinstalling drivers
  • replacing the network card (have tried two different ones, both have the same problem)
  • trying different PCIe slots
  • ensuring that my power settings are set to performance for my PC and network card
I have attached a photo where I repeatedly ping in the terminal. Hopefully you can see the nature of the irregularity in the photo. Really not sure where the problem could be coming from and would greatly appreciate some insight on this issue. Could it be the motherboard or power supply? Thank you!
Although not likely the problem I would disable IPv6 support in the nic setting for the adapter. IPV6 even though they have been saying it is the future of the internet for 20 years it still has all kinds of issues for some people.

You also way to run ping tests to your router IP not something on the internet. The router IP will be the gateway you see on the IPCONFIG /all command if you need to find it.

You have already tried my first guess which is replace the nic card. This sounds like a heat problem where the device had a issue until it got warm, but unlikely it happens on 2 different boards.
You did the driver update which is the next thing to try. If you had power issue you would think the problem would be worse when say the video card was using a lot and better when it was idle.

My only other guess would be that the device is connecting to a different radio band sometimes. Do you have the 2.4 and 5g radios set to the same SSID.

I would also be very sure you are running the driver you think you are. Windows update is being very "helpful?" and updating drivers with the microsoft ones. Be sure you still have the one directly from intel for your card.