Question Irregular CPU usage & temps after upgrade, plus PSU hotter than before ?


Oct 8, 2018
Hi guys so my specs are:

mobo: H310CM-DVS
PSU: CX450
GPU: GTX 1070
CPU: I7 8700 (from an i5 8400)
COOLER: Cooler master evo TX3

Hi so ive just upgraded my cpu and since then ive been having some issues, my i5 ran perefectly temp and usage wise only going upto like 64 degrees max most of time around 54 when under load with consistent cpu usage depending on what i was doing. However i installed his this i7 last night and the temps jump every second and i have watched them in core temps to verify and monitroed usage both in core temp and msi afterburner they bot jump and go down when just sat idle on chome or desktop going from 33 degrees to like 49 55 60 then back down again. when playing some agames it is going upto the 80s and i have no solution. I reinstalled the cpu cooler but made no difference. Bios is 4.20 and my drivers and windwos updates are up to date so i dont relly know what else to do. Also now when i was playing a agme last night i noticed my psu was expelling quite hot air and was warm itself, even tho the i7 has the same TDP as the I5.

Also i have noticed that my core speed in cpu z is changing rapidly and doing things ike opening chrome ends the pc into a frenzy of changing between 40 60 50 odd degrees repeatedly whenever anything happens on the pc like its hyper sensitive. Then when i dont do anything at all on my pc it settles down abit. Is the i7 8700 simply like this and i need yet another new cooler? (my evo has just been bought in last 2 3 weeks).

Update: I have undervoltred my CPU via throttlestop by -0.120.1 and it has made little to no difference!

Can anybody help?