News IRS and FTC Warn of 'Mountains of Fraud' Involving Cryptocurrencies, NFTs


Apr 6, 2021

TJ Hooker

As other have said, not exactly surprising news. But I have to say, regarding NFTs (of which "artwork" NFTs seem to be the most popular right now) being easily manipulated in price and used for money laundering, that doesn't seem that different from the traditional art scene.
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Many of us here think crypto-mining and NFTs are scams in and of themselves. It is only a matter of time before the whole thing blows up either from environmentally progressive countries banning the whole thing, countries banning crypto due to tax and fraud enforcement difficulty, countries needing to rein in power consumption that is threatening their power grid and consumer energy costs, etc.

A Stoner

Jan 19, 2009
Gold, silver, grain even have intrinsic value.

Even the fiat currencies have value based upon the assets and work of the country that issues them.

But what value exactly do crypto currencies have? Any? Any at all?

But they say you mine it, like gold! Not really. But the number is limited! So too are the number of grains of sand.

But here is the thing, without someone running the computers to make the transactions, the currency is worthless regardless how much anyone is willing to argue it is worth. Kind of like having a hundred thousand dollars worth of gold that sank to the bottom of the ocean in a 100 square mile area that is 4 miles deep. Then stolen wallets, lost wallets, forgotten passwords for wallets. I have 0.000287 (or something close to that) bitcoin in a wallet somewhere on a hard disk that no longer works. Someone cannot even find that lost $10 bill on the street ever. It is just gone.