Question Is 1.25v on ryzen 3600 too low?

Jul 22, 2020
Hello i wanted to ask something about ryzen 3600, so when gaming on stock voltages and mhz it can heat up to 85-87c (playing forza 4 on ultra setings). So i tried to change the voltages and max speed to 1.25v since stock voltages on ryzen 3600 are pretty high and changed the max speed to 4000mhz, when i ran cinebench most of the time the score was similar or the 1.25v version had more score then stock configuration, when gaming i dont see any NOTICABLE difference plus the 1.25 version when gaming and doing cinebench is around 10-15 degrees colder (70 when gaming, 80 when on cinebench). Is it ok if i run my cpu with this kind of configuration (1.25v and 4000mhz max) or is it too low, because i dont really see any problems in performence, just wanted to make sure it wouldnt ruin or damage my cpu if i run at these voltages in a long run. Thanks!
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