May 19, 2020
I'm planning on building a pc at around £800-£900 GDP within the next year. Atm I've planned to buy the ryzen 5 3600 as my cpu and the geforce 2060 ventus for my gpu (the gpu is around £350 which I'm happy to pay.) I've only recently realised my monitor I got a while back is only 1080p 60hz so I will need get an upgrade if I want these better features. The cheapest 1440p, 144hz, 1 ms response monitor I could find was the hp 27xq (27") which would be perfect for the job (I think). It is priced around £300 which by itself is reasonable. OR should I get a 1080p 144hz for cheaper that the rtx 2060 ventus may do better at. My question is, should I buy a 1080p 144hz monitor for the rtx 2060 ventus or get a 1440p monitor at 144hz (or less) but sacrifice quite a bit more money and frames? (Just to note I'm also planning on upgrading my keyboard and mouse in the future from cheap amazon ones I got around 5 years ago as a make do for my crappy laptop which will add even more money to the total) The more detail the better so I can understand more. thanks sm to everyone who replies!