Question Is 16gb better for an i3 8145u processor or should I just get 8gb?

May 23, 2019
I have a laptop that has 1x4gb 2400 of ram and is running really bad and slow, it has two slots.

I can either go for dual channel now and get another 4gb stick making it 8gb or get a single 8gb stick (12gb single channel for now) and replace the 4gb later to achieve 16gb.

Is it recommended that I go for 16gb instead of 8? Is there such a thing as ram bottleneck?

I already have a good pc with an r5+rx 580+ 16gb ram so this is just an on the go backup/work device. I'm going to be using it for light gaming, light video editing (mostly 1080p), photoshop, lightroom, illustrator, web browsing (chrome), and media consumption.

Device: HP Pavilion X360 14-CD1021TU

With regards to dual channel, buying sticks and adding them to existing machines isn't advisable because there is no guarantee that two non matched RAM sticks will run properly together. If it were me I would buy a 16GB 2x8GB kit and just be done with it, anymore 8GB is really easy to pass even with things like Chrome which can be a memory hog.