Is 1GB ram enough for athlon 64 4000+ (single core)?


Jul 25, 2007
Hello all! I need your help to determine whether I need to add more ram ( which is a litte complicated...)
My computer since Feb 2005:

athlon 64 3000+
Kingston dual channel memory PC3200 1GB total (2x256 + 2x256(added a year ago) )
NVIDIA GeForce 7600 GS
Sata 160GB
... ...

I have just bought a 4000+ and it will come during this week. I'm not a very demanding user, my heaviest program is photoshop CS2 which I use very often, sometimes I do light video editing, mostly to make slideshows, I don't play heavy games etc. I decided to upgrade is because I still want to keep this computer for a year or so and it's more and more difficult to buy 939 socket CPU nowadays (except 2nd hand ones and I'm afraid of overclocked ones). And the 4000+ is the best one my motherboard accepts. But what about the ram? As you can see it's complicated because there is no free space for more, and I very much like the idea of dual channel since the ram I have runs extremely well, so my question is: will the small (1gb) but quite fast(me thinks) memory be almost enough for 4000+, or will it be the thin bottle neck to hinder the CPU's extra power (and I waste money to upgrade)? Do I really need to spend money to change all ram sticks to 2x1gb (which is quite expensive)?


Actually, photoshop is quite demanding in terms of memory amount and CPU performance. Adding more memory (to a total of perhaps 3GB) and getting a faster CPU (say, an e6xxx) will definitely speed up your photoshop work.
However, your money would be much better spent on getting a new Core2Duo or Quad-based system with DDR2 memory. If you do go this route, be sure to get a MB with a BIOS that supports "memory remapping", as that's necessary in order to be able to use more than about 3.5GB of RAM with 64-bit Windows in the future (most such MBs should support 8-16GB max RAM).