Is 3.6GHz a decent/safe OC on a Q9440?


Aug 14, 2009
Last night I decided I would try overclocking my Q9440 again. Its stock speed is 2.66GHz. I couldn't get past 2.9GHz, until I realized increasing the CPU voltage would let me push it further, so I increased the CPU Voltage from 1.3 to 1.4, and got it to a stable 3.6GHz. I upped the CPU V to 1.5v, but couldn't get the CPU past 3.6GHZ without the computer constantly restarting itself, which I assume means its unstable. So is raising the processor from 2.6 to 3.6GHz, and 1.3v to 1.4v decent and safe on on this Intel Core 2 Quad Q9440? Im running liquid cooling, and idle temperature is usually around 49c, and I've never seen it go up to 60c.

EVGA 780i Motherboard
Intel Core 2 Quad Q9440
BFG 9800 GTX+ OC
Asetek Liquid Cooling
Coolermaster STacker Case
1TB (2x500GB HDD)
Windows Vista Ultimate x64
Well I have almost the same system P45 mobo though and 5 disk raid 0 otherwise 8 gigs 1066 ram GTX 260 q9400. I ram mine at 3.8 for a year no problems. biggest thing that hold you back will be memmory multiplier you want it to be 2.0 or 1 to 1 so when you move the fsb up to 450 or 500 your mem is 900 or 1000 this is asuming you got PC 8500 or 1066 ram. I ran into this roadblock and couldn't figure out what was wrong for the longest time ram was trying to run 1200 or higher causes those constand reboots. Good Luck :hello: