Question Is 3600MHz RAM good for gaming?

Mar 1, 2023
Yes, 3600MHz RAM is good for gaming, especially for high-end gaming PCs. The higher the frequency of RAM, the greater the data transfers between the RAM and the CPU. This, in turn, results in faster load times and smooth gameplay.

However, you must note that only the RAM frequency is not responsible for the gaming performance. CPU, GPU, and storage also matter.
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3600 speed , regardless of the timings, is about the sweet spot knowing nothing else.

For instance, ram speed is more important to ryzen processors vs. Intel.
Graphics capability is more important for fast action games and higher resolutions.

You really need to list the make/model of the other parts to get a proper answer.


Dec 31, 2020
For gaming you shouldn't be concerned about ram's freq or timing unless you want to use it with an AMD apu which would totally benefit from ram's freq and timing. AMD CPUs would too benefit from ram's freq and timing but not as much as an APU. Focus on gpu, cpu and ram size, then go for speed and timing