Question Is 550 watt 80+ bronze good enough for my gaming rig or should I upgrade my PSU?

Sep 30, 2021
PC Specifications:
MSI RX 570 8GB OC version (I didn't OC the card as it does it automatically by the manufacturer) 150 watts
Ryzen 7 1700 with stock cooler
4x120mm fans
550 watt EVGA B3 80+ Bronze Power supply
B450 BS3H Gigabyte Motherboard
1x250gb ssd
1x 1TB HDD WD Blue
Logitech G603 mouse USB connector
TKL 02 Velocifire Keyboard
Silverstone PWM Fan Hub

Note: Aside from the factory overclock of my GPU, I don't OC my components.

I had this computer for about 2 years 6 months. I am wondering if I should upgrade the PSU as I heard PC components take more wattage over time to run and I do not want to exceed the wattage limit of my power supply. I did have a BSOD today which was "CLOCK WATCHDOG TIMEOUT" which I am trying to figure out the cause. I am wondering if this power supply is still safe to use and I am also wondering if the power supply had something to do with that BSOD.


That psu is plenty. Your pc will be far closer to 7ish years old before degradation is even a factor. 2½ years is a drop in an ocean, no worries.
The clock_watchdog_timeout error code can occur before or after you boot your PC, but there are several reasons why you could be getting the error. These include:

Corrupted or bad hardware drivers
Incompatible Random Access Memory (RAM)
Malware or virus infection
Overclocked central processing unit (CPU)
BIOS may need to be updated
Software conflict
System file issues
Miscommunication between multi-core processor threads
Outdated firmware and faulty hardware
Simplest attempts to fix are goto the motherboard vendor website and update both the bios and the chipset drivers. Do a thorough malware check and virus scan (they are not the same thing!). Do a thorough cleaning of windows, dump all the crud accumulated in temp files etc. In windows start open a CMD with administrator, type 'sfc/ scannow' (without quotes) and let it do its thing.