Question is 550w enough for 165hz monitor

Mar 4, 2022
Right now im using 60hz monitor, im planning to upgrade to 165hz later. But im afraid my psu might not be enough to supply

MOBO : Gigabyte H410M S2 V3
CPU: I5-10400f
GPU: RTX 2060 Super
PSU : Aigo 550w bronze
RAM: Kingston HyperxFury Beast Impact 8x2 2666mhz
ROM: Acer Predator GM3500 512GB + 500GB HDD + 160GB HDD

Mouse: Coolermaster mm720
headphone : Armageddon Nuke 5
As mentioned the monitor itself will not affect this but you are pretty much wasting your money since the 2060 is going to struggle to get much over 90 fps in most games at 1080 and even less if you mean 1440. You have to check the game you actually play.

Now if you are also going to upgrade your GPU so you can actually use a 165mhz monitor then you will likely have to increase the power supply to run the new gpu.
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