Question Is 6-pin PCI-e to Dual Molex for case fans safe?

Jul 17, 2020
Hey, I’m in need of some help regarding powering some case fans. I’m planning on powering two fans (120mm coolermaster sickleflow) via molex. My PSU is a Corsair TX550m, and i believe it came with the cable, the “peripheral cable”, that i must have tossed. Anyways, I just picked up a dual 4-pin to 6-pin PCI-e cable and plan on routing it as such: psu>6p>4p x2>case fans (each one plugged into its own 4p).

My two main questions:
  1. Is this even a safe means of powering them? It seems like overkill; is that dangerous?
  2. Am i supposed to plug each fan into its own 4p male connector? They don’t have the same cabling; one has 2 yellows and the other has 2 blacks?