Question Is 60-75fps okay in gta online?

Jul 26, 2022
Is 60-75fps okay in gta online?
Pc specs:
32gb ram 2666mhz (dual channel)16x2

The graphics im playing on:
DirectX version 11
Refresh rate:165hz
FXAA: off
Vsync: off
Population density: full
Population variety: full
Distance scaling: full
Texture quality: Very high
Shader quality: very high
Shadow quality: very high
Reflection quality: Ultra
Reflection MSAA: 8x
Water quality:High
Particles quality: Very high
Grass quality: normal
Soft shadows: NVIDIA PCSS
Post FX: Ultra
Motion blur: off
In-Game depth of field effects: on
Anisotropic filtering: 16x
Ambient occlusion: High
Tessellation: Very high

Advanced settings:
Long shadows: on
High resolution shadows: on
High detail streaming while flying: on
Extended distance scaling: max
Extended shadows distance: off
Frame scaling mode: off
Yeah, you already mentioned the resolution before, I just overlooked it. My bad. Anything above 60+ FPS is considered as a smooth gameplay experience, so you are already good with those high settings.

However, if you want, you can gain more FPS by disabling some of the graphics settings which you have set too high. Reduce the MSAA quality. MSAA impacts FPS in a critical fashion. It is strongly recommended that you disable MSAA entirely for the best performance.

Next, we have the Post FX quality setting which has the biggest impact on FPS. And lastly the "Grass quality" setting, but you already have it on normal.
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Feb 4, 2019
In online mode for GTA you can expect lower performance, still don't know why that is exactly.

I see the impact every time I play there, coming from story mode where traffic and peds is full and fps on my pc is well over 100fps in most locations too an online game where I get 60-70fps even when there is barely anything visually in range going on, (but I think GTA's engine still computes everything that is going on ragardless if your seeing it or not.

You might want to test this: Reflection MSAA: 8x I don't have that setting on at all, And I believe this hogs performance allot, you might score all your missing if you just change this one setting, I'd also add to enable vsync.

And then the latest trick is to alt+tab back to the desktop and alt+tab back into the game to get the sync to adaptive mode as soon as you enter any session from starting the game.

For instance on my pc when I open the game I get a solid 72 vsynced fps, and after alt+tabbing it it goes free adaptive synced anywhere from 72-144fps per the maximum that my hardware can do.
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