Question is 60c CPU Temp while gaming fine?

Jun 10, 2022
So I recently bought this used Corsair H100i Cooler, my idle/browsing temps are between 48c-51c and while gaming is 60-61c. Is the temperature for my CPU is good or bad?
(I'm on a tropical country so its a bit hot here at my place)

My Configuration:
Intel i5-7400 3.00ghz
16GB Ram
GTX 1060 6Gb
Corsair H100i CPU Cooler


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Sounds good to me.

ambients will effect it, water will always be above ambient so thats pretty good for gaming.

those sound about what I get in summer. Idle temps anyway. I haven't had a hot summer in 2 years, expect that will change... no rush, winter now.

A new AIO might get lower. But its fine for a 2nd hand one.
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Temps are fine. Idle temps are dictated by ambient temps, you can't physically cool a cpu by mechanical means below ambient temps (aio is still a mechanical device). It takes a chemical/phase change process (LN2 or Peltier) to do so.

Load temps exceed the coolers native temp, so load temps are not defined by ambient temps to any large degree. So in a 20°C room, you might see idle/gaming at 30/58°C, but in a 35°C room you'd see closer to 45/60°C instead.


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my 3600xt idles about 7c above the liquid temp, so I wonder what temp the H100i is showing liquids at
cpu: 36c, AIO: 29.40c (I think highest temp I seen on water so far is about 34)
nothing to worry about though.

Are you using Icue?
What fan plan are you running?


Location and/or airflow. Front mounts generally see cpus very close to ambient, top mounts a little higher.

Push/pull also matters, pull is considerably more efficient and effective at idle/low rpm than push. Vacuum doesn't care about the fan motor, but it matters to the Windstream in push, loosing a portion of the rad cooling surface area.

Fans. Fancy rgb stock case fans are often lackluster performance, sometimes even uncontrollable being fed by molex.

There's lots of nickles and dimes variables, if singularly they only make a 1-3° difference, just 5 of those added up can be a 5-15° change. Some ppl feel that's very important, eh not really. The only factor that is is where the temps are, not the exact number. 55°C gaming or 65°C makes Zero difference to an intel, and even a Ryzen isn't really phazed much, a couple points in Cinebench.
How hot is at your place? I would expect much lower temps from good AIO (and H100 certainly is good). For example my 7500 on crap air cooler does not exceed 50 C (at 28 C ambient) while gaming. Of course 60 C is not going to harm your CPU in any way, but it should be lower.