Question Is 650w psu enough for rx 6800 xt

Oct 10, 2022
Hi, so I recently got a xfx rx 6800 xt merc319 but, I returned it because it had coil whine. So, I saw on amazon that the red devil 6800xt was on sale for 600$ and I know that this is overall a better card so I bought it (it still has not yet come). But I looked at the psu requirements and it says 850w and I only have 650w.

PC Specs:

Gpu: Soon to be the Red Devil 6800 xt

Cpu: Ryzen 5 5600x w/ stock cooler

Ram:2x8gb ddr4 ram

Motherboard: asus strix rog b550-f

Psu: seasonic focus 650w gm

HDD: 1


Oct 20, 2022
Are you asking for permission to do something that probably wont work and might damage components?

An old 650W supply that is suddenly faced with 40% more draw might blow up or fizzle out. OTH, it might work.