Question Is 75 degrees too hot for a RX 570


The common usage safe range for cpus is upto @ 70°C under extreme usage. The common usage safe range for gpus is upto @ 80°C under extreme usage.

Generally. There are exceptions, but mostly those temps or below are considered good.


Not quite right. It's the current combined with voltage that kills chips. Once past a certain threshold in temp, resistance builds, which raises current. To get the temps in the first place usually needs excessive voltage.

A cpu can easily last 30+ years. You could half it's lifespan and still not put a dent in it, software will render it obsolete in half that again.

A 10 year old gpu is next to useless for anything other than Windows.

Most ppl get a new pc roughly every 5-6 years, so does it really matter if they have next to no lifespan left, very few want those parts. Wipe the drives, donate to Goodwill or a school, sell for $50 at a yard sale...

Excessive heat will shorten a lifespan, but when that lifespan starts out well beyond realistic use?
Heat in a considered safe range isn't really going to affect anything.
Why have it go up so high when we all know higher the temps less life span it will have
because some people worried too much about it to the point they think temperature over 70c will going to kill their GPU quickly. and because of that they ramp up their fan speed to keep the temperature as low as possible during gaming. and sometimes this being more harmful because they wore out the fan quickly due to the fan being push hard all the time.

i had my GTX970 for several years. and it is normal to see it operate over 70c. the card still working just fine even today.
If you limit how hot the GPU gets you will sacrifice performance.
My R9 380 gets to 88C when im in the garage in NFS HEAt and i even adjusted the fan curve to 50% to have a balance between silence and cooling.
And the funny part is that is completely normal for such card,since its based on R9 275,which is Tonga architecture,and those cards can fully operate at 90-95C.
Your RX 570 isnt a cool (by cool i mean cooling) card either.You cant expect it to have good cooling since you can buy it for what 100$ even less.
You are fine.