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Question Is 80-90c too hot for a i5-9600kf cpu?


Jun 26, 2017
I recently bought a i5-9600kf cpu and I've been doing some overclocking. I've got my CPU running at 5GHz stable during benchmarks and in games. When stress testing my CPU in cinebench my CPU temps are usually in the mid 80 although I've seen it spike up right to 90c. Is this CPU running too hot? What would a safe temp range be? BTW, it scored a little over 3,000 in cinebench.
Yep it is running hot and it would at 5GHz. As Beowolfbreko has said what CPU cooler, though for normal day to day use you should be okay if your temps are in the 50's for gaming and the like. You could drop temps with a better cooler and with a lower vcore.
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90c is hotter than what i would concider safe for your CPU.

100c is the maximum temperature Intel will allow the CPU to run at. Go above 100c, and your CPU will slow down or your PC will shutdown to prevent over temperature damage.

Unfortunately the H212 isnt really enough for modern heavily overclocked CPUs. You will either have to target a lower clockspeed, ignore the temps, or buy a better cooler.
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The Hyper212 is a 140w cpu cooler. The i5-9400f is capable of seeing @ 150w when pushed. Expect high temps doing mediocre work. Not even close enough to full cooling ability. Think of the Hyper212 as being no better ability than a stock cooler equivalent.

Generally I'd recommend coolers should be @ 1.5x to 2x for a quad core cpu TDP, but with the 9 series cpus hex cores it's closer to 2.5x to 3x TDP. With a 65w cpu, you should be looking in the 160w-200w range, that's mid-sized coolers, not the budget 140w coolers.

Noctua NH-U12A, NH-U14S, Phanteks PH-TC14PE, beQuiet Dark Rock 3/4, Scythe Fuma 2, Cryorig H5, any 140mm+ AIO, etc as a minimum.