Question Is 90c expected for the i9 9900k at this point?

Mar 8, 2021
I have an i9 9900k sitting in an 0 11 d xl which is filled with noctua fans yet it is hitting 95+c when running benchmarks and 60-70 when doing average loads.
Cpu cooler is an nh d15s and thermal paste is artic mx4.
For intakes I have 2 140s on the side and 3 120s on the bottom. Then for exhaust 2 140s on top and 1 120 in the back.
All my fans are running a to hit 100% at 60 c.
Running user bench hit 96 c then dropped down to 40 as soon as it stopped hitting the cpu.
Link to my score^
Is this just expected temps for air cooling this processor or do I have a bad mount?
While typing this up cleared my max on hardware monitor and with nothing but chrome and slack open hit 62 peak. smh

Math Geek

depends on how high you have it overclocked. if you remember they had this thing on water when intel showed it. benchmarks and all that are one thing but i'd worry about the temps when actually using it real world. turn on a game and see how it does. that's the measure that matters.

but anything above about 75 or so i'd turn down the clock. it's just not worth running it at such high temps for long periods. not good for the chip and will help it's life span shrink dramatically. 62 seems high for just chrome open. check out a game and see what happens. if you stay near 75 i'd probably be ok with it. anything higher, and you need to turn it down some or invest in some water cooling.
Also the more fans you have in a case don't mean better temps, they might even be fighting against each other making temps worse, if I got it right you have 8 fans in this case while you should have two, one to get air in and one to get it out.