Question Is 90mbps good download speed

Depends on how many simultaneous users you have on your network and what they're doing. And how patient you are with downloads.

I live by myself and don't download too much, I'm happy with 25/1.5 Mbps and would consider 90 Mbps fast. Some people have gigabit internet and would probably consider 90 Mbps slow.
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Although it can be many things when you see numbers like 90mbps that is a indication that some port is only running at 100mbps. It could be a issue with the cable but if your router does not have gigiabit wan and lan port the most you can get is around the 90mbps number when you consider the overhead. If all the ports are running at gigabit then it likely something else but you should get closer to 150mbps if that is what you pay for.
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