Is a $400 computer worth a $600+ upgrade?


Feb 27, 2010
i have dell inspiron slim series ($400) (all $ in USD)

amd 6 X2 3200+
nforce 430 with onboard vga g 6150se
1.5 GB ram
normal disc reader
250 Watt psu
Vista 32- bit home

i am thinking of (prices are in abstract ranges which i saw through internet browsing)

450 Watt psu -(micro atx)--- ~ $150-$100

Gtx 275 for ~$220-$240 or Gtx 260 for ~$ 160- $180

P55 mobo and i3 Cpu for ~ $100-$150 each


a socket 775 mobo with C2Q ( the prices are similar so Im thinking maybe not this choice)

500 GB - 1TB high perf. HDD (SATA) for ~$100 - $150

New case - $100

extra 4 GB (DDR3) RAM -- im not sure whats a good price for this (saw between $50-$150, even $200)

windows 7- 64 bit ultimate (price unkown -- guessing around 150 bucks)

(and maybe a UPS to save against power outages) ------( BTW, is the intigrated sound chip of P55 good enough or does it require a sound card?)

I am wondering if its worth the upgrade... or should i just build a new one? *Plus, Dell makes custom Alienware computers, are these over priced or just as cheap as getting your own parts and building it yourself(with added benefits of a company doing it for you) ---[by just as cheap i don't mean its going to be less ; but is it close enough to consider it?]

thanks in advance. Sorry for the message being so huge./ :)
You need to factor in you need a new operateing system with a new build your dell one will not work on a new build. What psycho put together looks good to save 70 you could always go with a 4850 video card you will not see much of a difference between the 2.