Question Is a 4K and 2K setup alright?


Dec 13, 2017
I returned back form a 3 week treep with a hotel room that had a 4K TV. It has spoiled my eyes and 1080P is blurry to me now and I have finally decided to upgrade.

I currently have 2 monitors, one a 144hz ASUS 24" 1080P monitor, the other is a Dell 1920x1200 that I got in 2007 that doesn't even have HDMI. Suprisingly it still works great, I just need higher resolution.

Anyway, I am a gamer, I play multiple genres from card games to FPS. Currently I am playing APEX, Forza Horizona 4, and Magic The Gathering Arena. I plan to do most of the high FPS gaming on a gamer specced 2k Monitor, (looking at the ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ 27 for my 2K, still shopping for the 4k) and will surf the web, watch movies, play non action games on the 4k. I have an overclocked ASUS Strix GTX 1080 on and ASUS Z370 mobo with a intel 8700k CPU.

My concern is that the 4K will again spoil me and I wont want to use my 2K. I've never seen a 2K in person, I live in a crap town that doesn't have high end electronic stores, so want to think what you all think. Will the difference in resolution be highly noticeable side by side?