[SOLVED] Is a 5800x3d too powerful for an rtx 3070

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Cooling is easy to understand. In a round-about way. If you figure the wattage of the cpu, so a 142w capable 5800X3D, and you stick a 'budget' cooler like the 140w hyper212 on it, that's essentially a 1:1 ratio. So if you push the cpu to 100%, all 142w, like with Prime95 small fft no AVX or Cinebench etc you are pretty much guaranteed 100°C almost instantly.

So your aim should be at the 1.5 or 2x capacity coolers to your cpu. To start with. So a 140w cpu should be looking at the 200-250w+ range, depending on your normal usage. For those who render, blender, or other high to max cpu use for extended periods I'd be looking at the higher wattage, NH-D15S type coolers, whereas those who just game and never really exceed @ 70% cpu can get away with the 200w coolers.

That puts you in the ballpark. It'll keep you under throttle temps and into acceptable range. Where exactly in that range, and what exactly the temp will be is determined by the efficiency and effectiveness of the cooler.

The hyper212 is a very mediocre 140w class cooler. It works OK, but isn't going to get 'great' performance, it's barely better than the stock amd coolers. The Noctua NH-U12S is in that same 140w class, but is considerably more efficient and effective, resulting in a really decent performance, and resultant lower temps. The hyper212 works pretty good for a 65w class Ryzen, the NH-U12S blows the hyper212 away.

This is why air-cooling does not work for a 13900k, Period. That's an easy 300w class cpu. Biggest Air is the Deepcool Assassin III, at 280w rated. That's less than a 1:1 ratio, the cpu will cook, literally spending a lot of time in the 90°C and up range, even on mediocre loads. That cpu demands full custom loop, with good rads, in the 500w (ish) or better range if you even want to consider temps getting closer to 70°ish. Even a 360mm AIO is a absolute minimum, at @ 350w, if rendering you'll still be in the highest 90°'s and gaming in the 90's+.

Liquid cooling isn't magical, it's performance is pretty much the same as air cooling, within the same class. A 140w liquid cooler like a Corsair H-60 120mm AIO is pretty much identical to the 140w CM hyper212, same class of cooler. Which puts a 240mm AIO at @ 250w in the same class as the NH-D15, with temps determined by the coolers efficiency. But thats essentially where Big Air stops, 250w, so it's unfair to compare against a 280mm or 360mm AIO, as those hit at @ 300w and 350w capacity.


Oct 23, 2016
If you were playing competitive multiplayer games then lowering the settings to medium for example could allow you to hit higher frame rates with the 3070. The 5700X is a more cost effective solution though, it is fundamentally the same CPU except for the cache.
Yes I mostly play mw2 and ow2 and this way i can get the air cooler i want since the 5700x is a 65wtdp