Is a corsair vx450 enough for....


Feb 15, 2010
... this old rig which is important to me cos its use it to make beats!

AMD 4800X2
Asus A8N32 Deluxe
ATI X1900XTX (single)
4 Sticks of 512MB xms
2 HDD's

and also got a 88key keyboard drawing power through USB (can connect it seperately if needed)

Let me know your thought and other suggestions if yall have any.

The official ATI recommendation for a system with one ATI X 1900XT video card is a 450 watt power supply with a +12 volt rail rated at 30 amps.

The Corsair VX450 power supply has a +12 volt rail rated 33 amps. It is a quality psu that can easily power your system. :D